Product Videos and Webinars

Product Videos

IRD Video

IRD is Pathway's new In Ceiling Remote Driver which takes the driver out of the fixture and puts it in the ceiling.  The benefits are thin unobtrusive ceiling canopies and longer driver life expectancy.  IRD is compatible with our remote drive cylinders and pendant fixtures.


Human Centric Lighting

Bridgelux ThriveTM is tailored daylight spectrum LED offering and features a CRI that exceeds 97 and high TM-30 metrics. In addition to the quality of the light, this spectrum has been shown to have positive health benefits and a general enhancement of worker productivity and attitude.  Thrive has been integrated into most of our product groups.


LumiCube Square Product Family

Pathway Lighting announces a collection of square lighting products.  LumiCube is comprised of fixtures in four lengths.  Standard colors include white, black, bronze and satin aluminum.  Custom finishes are available upon request and include hydrgraphic wood-grain or other patterns.


Lumicube Finish Options

Check out the variety of finishes on our LumiCube square products... Endless Possibilities!  These include powdercoat paint, hydrographic wood-grain, and highly polished plated finishes.  Custom finishes and patterns available upon request.


HL Series Video

HL Series -- Pathway Lighting's HL Series family includes cylinders, decorative acrylic cylinders and pendants.  Many sizes, colors and options are available.

Wet Location HL Cylinders

Wet Location HL Cylinders -- Pathway Lighting's solution for wet location cylinders. Offered in smooth and decorative architectural cylinders. Many sizes, colors and options are available.

Spec2 2" Architectural Downlights Family

Introducing Spec2--Pathway Lighting's versatile line of 2" architectural recessed downlights, wall washers, and adjustable accents for new construction and remodel applications.

Spec2 Installation Video

Installation video for Spec2--Pathway Lighting's versatile line of 2" architectural recessed downlights, wall washers, and adjustable accents for new construction and remodel applications.


Pathway Lighting's CentralDrive is a remotely located driver and low-voltage power distribution platform designed to extend LED life, make driver replacement easy, and reduce maintenance costs.


C68QSLB73V is an 8” round (6” aperture) LED cylinder downlight. It employs four Bridgelux Vero 13 LED modules, delivering close to 9000 lumens, in five beam distributions.

Thick Ceiling and Chicago Plenum

Introducing Pathway Lighting's TC and CP Series architectural recessed downlights and wall washers for thick ceiling and Chicago plenum applications. The product family includes 4" and 6", round and square apertures, providing up to 4500+ lumens delivered.


MAQ Multi-Head Modular Accent Family

MAQ Modular -- Pathway Lighting's adjustable multi-head modular fixture. Ideal for accent lighting and eliminating ceiling "noise". Available in variety of colors with flanged trims or flangeless.

C70 Series Performance Cylinders

Pathway Lighting's C70 Series LED fixtures--an extensive and ever-expanding performance cylinder family. Aircraft cable-mounted C74, C75, and C78 are now available.

30th Anniversary Video

Pathway Lighting is celebrating a 30-year anniversary and this video features some of the many projects we have done over the years.  Thank you to our customers and representatives for their support.