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FF82T (FF8232T)

8" round aperture CFL wall wash

Catalog # : Leg_FL30.0


Product Description:

FF8T is a 8” round aperture compact fluorescent recessed downlight for horizontally oriented lamps (by others). It accommodates lamp wattages of 26, 32 or 42 watt. Commercial grade housing features specification grade reflectors. A variety of reflectors includes open and lensed downlight as well as wall wash styles which are suitable for general illumination purposes. Dimming options include Lutron EcoSys, Lutron Tu-Wire, Advance Mark 7 and Advance Mark 10. Emergency battery pack is an available option. Expandable interlocking hanger bars are standard with optional styles available. Also available in remodel style. Additional product details are available in the Download Section below.

Lamp Type:

Triple Tube - 26W
Triple Tube - 32W
Triple Tube - 42W

Lumen Output:

1800-3200 Lumens





IES File: Wattage: Lumen Output: Color Temp: Distribution: Trim/Finish:
FF8232T/ C73C8T prismatic lens 2x32 lamping 64 4800 n/a wide soft specular clear Alzak
FF8232T/ C8T open downlight 2x32 lamping 64 4800 n/a medium soft specular clear Alzak
FF8232T/ FC8T fresnel lens 2x32 lamping 64 4800 n/a wide soft specular clear Alzak