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4SCALCDB79V-NF for Remote Driver

4” aperture CentralDriveTM LED, 3-In-One-Er adjustable for sloped ceiling with flush micro trim, for use with remote driver, 680-8579 delivered lumens

Catalog # : LCD17.5


Product Description:

CentralDrive is our series of low voltage LED fixtures that interface with a remote driver/power supply (specified separately). 4SCALCDB79V-NF is a 4” round aperture downlight with vertical adjustment for sloped ceiling. It employs a Bridgelux Vero 29 LED module in delivered lumen range 680-8579 of that is dependent on the specific drive current that is selected. The benefits of remotely located driver/power supplies are: 1.) Centralized power in one accessible location equals maintenance ease. Takes the electronics out of the light­ing fixture and locates it in an accessible location for future driver replacements and servicing. 2.) Improved thermal management in lighting fixtures yields dramatically increased LED life and reliability. This product is part of our CentralDrive and Caliber Plus Architectural LED product lines. Additional product details are available in the Download Section below.