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4” diameter wet location LED Cylinder, 1004-2770 delivered lumens

Catalog # : LCBV8.0



Product Description:

C73LB78V is a 4” round LED cylinder downlight. It employs a Bridgelux Vero 18 LED module in lumen packages of 1004-2770. Three beam distributions of narrow, medium, and wide are offered. Comes standard with 0-10V,10% dimming. Mounting styles include surface ceiling, wall, pendant stem, and straight cord. Wall mount model is offered in an optional wet location (WL) style. Standard finish is matte white and a variety of optional finishes are offered. Custom colors are available upon request. This product is part of the Caliber LED and Coventry Architectural product lines. Additional product details are available in the Download Section below.

Lamp Type:

LED - Bridgelux Vero 18 - 11W
LED - Bridgelux Vero 18 - 16W
LED - Bridgelux Vero 18 - 23W
LED - Bridgelux Vero 18 - 8W

Lumen Output:

800-2000 Lumens



IES File: Wattage: Lumen Output: Color Temp: Distribution: Trim/Finish:
C73LB78V1035KM 8 1006 3500K 43 deg. N/A
C73LB78V1035KN 8 1010 3500K 29 deg. N/A
C73LB78V1035KW 8 1004 3500K 56 deg. N/A
C73LB78V1535KM 11 1413 3500K 43 deg. N/A
C73LB78V1535KN 11 1419 3500K 29 deg. N/A
C73LB78V1535KW 11 1410 3500K 56 deg. N/A
C73LB78V2035KM 16 1997 3500K 43 deg. N/A
C73LB78V2035KN 16 2005 3500K 29 deg. N/A
C73LB78V2035KW 16 1993 3500K 56 deg. N/A
C73LB78V3035KM 23 2759 3500K 56 deg. N/A
C73LB78V3035KN 23 2770 3500K 29 deg. N/A
C73LB78V3035KW 23 2753 3500K 56 deg. N/A


Catalog No. Description Catalog Page No.
C73SLBV1535K(N,M,W)L9D8WL 1500L wet location cylinder downlight LCBV8.0
C73SLBV835K(N,M,W)L9D8 800L cylinder downlight LCBV8.0
C73SLBV835K(N,M,W)L9D8WL 800L wet location cylinder downlight LCBV8.0
C73SLBV1035K(N,M,W)L9D8WL 1000L wet location cylinder downlight LCBV8.0
C73SLBV1535K(N,M,W)L9D8 1500L cylinder downlight LCBV8.0
C73SLBV2035K(N,M,W)L9D8 2000L cylinder downlight LCBV8.0
C73SLBV1035K(N,M,W)L9D8 1000L cylinder downlight LCBV8.0